Clay Oven: An Indian Spot in Ealing

11th April 2016

The Clay Oven is a renowned Indian restaurant in Ealing, London. Our restaurant is known for its tasty dishes, excellent service and very Indian atmosphere.

The Clay Oven Cooks Up Your Wedding Reception

11th April 2016

Looking for a taste of Asia in the roads of London? Want to taste the best of Indian cuisine for your wedding? The Clay Oven

A Take on History: How Brits Came to Love Indian Cuisine

16th February 2016

Although Chinese cuisine have recently been taking ground as one of the most loved ethnic cuisine in Britain, British beer-and-curry weekends are not going anywhere.

7 Ways to Spot a Clean Restaurant

16th February 2016

Last year we’ve heard of an Asian restaurant in central London shut down due to extraordinary filth. In case you’re wondering how bad it was,

The great indoor vs. outdoor wedding reception debate

4th November 2014

When choosing the venue for your wedding reception, a major decision hinges either an indoor or an outdoor venue. Both are great choices, but both

Tips for a successful Asian wedding catering

29th October 2014

Asian cuisine is one of the most popular food styles making waves in the wedding industry. The sheer abundance of Asian wedding caterers in London

Pakistani/Halal Catering

13th August 2014

Here at the Clay oven we are proud to present a range of delicious Asian cuisines – including Pakistani and halal. Halal food simply means

Asian Catering

7th August 2014

The Clay oven can provide Asian catering services for exclusive outdoor and external venues of your choice! Branching out from West London, our team are

Indian Cuisine

4th July 2014

Indian cuisine covers a wide range of regional food native to India and they differ from each other significantly. Regional cuisines of India vary from

Indian Wedding

1st July 2014

Traditions and rituals play a central role in most Asian weddings. In some cultures, celebrations continue for several days and attendance can count to more