Clay Oven: An Indian Spot in Ealing

The Clay Oven is a renowned Indian restaurant in Ealing, London. Our restaurant is known for its tasty dishes, excellent service and very Indian atmosphere. A step into the restaurant transports you into an authentic Indian experience and cuisine.

As an Indian restaurant, we serve a variety of Indian dishes – from the popular Indian curry to tikka and Keema Naan. Our classic and contemporary Indian dishes will tickle your appetite. We serve both vegetarian and meat dishes for starters and main courses. We also have a list of desserts, a selection of Indian breads and wines to complement your meal and enhance your dining experience.

Our patrons include Indians, British Indians and British people.

Aside from eating within the walls of our restaurant, we also offer outdoor catering ealing cuisine. We will be happy to serve your guests in any location you choose for a particular event. Our catering services will be appealing for people looking for Indian catering Ealing as well as catering in other parts of London. Our outdoor catering option is excellent for many outdoor activities like parties, sporting events, weddings receptions and others. In terms of wedding receptions, we are one of the best Asian wedding caterers in the city.

We promise to give excellent dishes that will create a happy memory for you. Every dish that comes out of our kitchen is tasty, filled with spice and made from excellent ingredients.

We aim to give our customers and patrons a very fair price on very good quality and quantity of food. It does not matter whether our food is served inside our restaurant or beyond its doors, it matters to us that you are satisfied with your experience of Indian cuisine and hospitality.

We provide you an easy and convenient way to entertain and throw a celebration without the hassle of organising and preparing the essentials for your guests. With our great food and drink combined with faultless service, you and your guests will be assured of a successful special event.

Another great advantage is that you can customise your menu for the event. You have the power to pick dishes that will be served. You can create an assortment of dishes that you or your guests love form our restaurant. You can also ask our chef to add some personal touch to your selected dishes. You can make your selection mild, hot or very hot, depending on your preferences or your guests’ palate.

At The Clay Oven, we care about making the best of both worlds, our catering service van certainly accomplish that. You and your guests can enjoy good food and service outdoors without any hassle.

You don’t need to worry about your event. Let us handle it with our capable hands. Our chefs are will delighted to serve you good and quality food. Our service staff is highly-trained to serve with politeness and warm hospitality.

We hope that with the quality of our food and service that you will be delighted and you will call upon the Clay Oven for all your catering needs.