Pakistani/Halal Catering

Here at the Clay oven we are proud to present a range of delicious Asian cuisines – including Pakistani and halal.

Halal food simply means ‘lawful food’ and refers to the types of food that can be consumed as part of the Muslim faith. Halal food also refers to the way in which the food is prepared – the rules about halal food originate from the Qur’an. In order to meet halal requirements, the Islamic dietary laws (also known as the Zabihah) must be followed. The laws state that in order to be considered halal, the animal must be killed by a Muslim, whilst offering the animal to Allah – “in the name of god” and “god is the greatest” are common phrases said during the preparation.  Finally it is crucial that a sharp knife is used when cutting the animal – to reduce the pain inflicted (the Qur’an teaches Muslims to treat all animals with care), the blood must then be drained. If food has not been prepared in the correct way to be considered Halal, it is known as haram food (unlawful) with pork being the most frowned upon food.

Pakistani cuisine, is also formed mostly of halal food, however various regional cooking traditions from south Asia are used. The Pakistani cuisine is known best for its rich flavours. The dishes you eat as part of the cuisine will differ greatly depending on the region the recipe originates from – the difference in flavours and cooking methods from region to region reflects the country’s ethnic and cultural diversity. Eastern parts of the country tend to eat highly seasoned foods containing a variety of hot spices whilst food from other parts often use milder aromatic spices. The Pakistani cuisine offers something for everyone, due to its wide range of ingredients and flavours.

Here at the clay oven we pay special attention to dietary needs and will happily create dishes that are personal and unique to you and your diet. Tantalizing menus are created with your express wishes in mind, producing an event filled with dining delights.

Our food will take you from West London into the heart of India! With over 30 years of devoted service to generations of families, and a team of highly skilled chefs, we know how to create the perfect dining experience, regardless of the occasion. Customer satisfaction is our top priority – we always aim to make you happy by creating a flawless unique event.