The Clay Oven Cooks Up Your Wedding Reception

Looking for a taste of Asia in the roads of London? Want to taste the best of Indian cuisine for your wedding? The Clay Oven is here to soothe and fulfill your desire and craving for Asian food and cuisine.

Be transported into the Eastern mystique by tasting our rich and exquisite offerings. Create a heavenly, joyous and intimate moment while enjoying a magnificent Eastern feast prepared for your event.

The Clay Oven offers Asian catering London for weddings and other special occasions. We understand that your special occasions and celebrations merit only the best and the Clay Oven is very happy and proud to be a part of your celebrations. Whether you are holding a wedding breakfast, lunch, lunch or an intimate dinner, The Clay Oven can cover your gourmet needs.

As a restaurant situation in London, The Clay Oven lives up to the prestige, sophistication and charm of the city.

Our Promise

The Clay Oven promises an excellent array of Eastern feast, with each dish cooked to perfection. We are proud of our numerous courses, each delighting you and your guests.  You can pick from our menu of chicken, lamb, prawns, vegetables, biryanis with bread and rice. Set your preference for mild, hot or very hot taste.

Every bite will be a happy memory and every morsel is rich, flavourful and unforgettable. You and your guests will also be delighted at the various kinds of food available in our buffet.

Fine Dining is The Clay Oven’s specialty and we are one of the finest Asian wedding caterers London. We bring the very best of Indian wedding catering London, along with the perfect background of your choice. Any castle, pavilion or location for your wedding feast will be complete with our food on the table, first rate service and your guests enjoying the celebration.

Whether your reception is inside an elegant pavilion or outside the castle grounds, The Clay Oven can prepare and serve your guests with rich, first rate food and excellent staff. Our service and our cuisine will definitely add value to your very special day.

Of course, we provide an excellent staff to wait upon you and your guests.  Our staff is completely professionals, polite and helpful in serving food and drinks as well as assisting in your wedding reception. Rest assured that will attend to your reception needs before, during and after the reception.

The Clay Oven can promise you what you need in your wedding party, excellent staff, excellent and authentic Indian good food to share with everybody and a memory that you will never forget.

We can offer all these without breaking the budget for your wedding. We provide quality food for very affordable price for our restaurants and outdoor catering. In addition, you can expect that your guest will be filled with food as we serve very generous portion in all of our dishes.

With all these, The Clay Oven is the best Indian catering service for the best reception you will ever host.