The great indoor vs. outdoor wedding reception debate

When choosing the venue for your wedding reception, a major decision hinges either an indoor or an outdoor venue. Both are great choices, but both also come with their set of advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong choice. It’s up to you to decide which one you prefer more. And so, the great indoor versus outdoor wedding reception debate ensues.



Controlled environment – Having your wedding reception indoors ensures that you’re in a controlled environment, ensuring you and your guests’ overall comfort and security.

Since you are in a controlled environment, the temperature is more or less stable or cool enough to maintain the quality, freshness, and look of the food. If you want a variety of food that can withstand a few hours, you can opt for Asian catering London, which is trending right now in the UK.

Also, photographers can exert control over lighting in indoor spaces as opposed to outdoor spaces. This factor can lead to better, more professional-looking wedding reception photos you’ll be proud enough to show off in your wedding album.

Safety from the elements – It’s not going to rain on your parade literally, because you are protected from the elements. This means that rain or shine, the party goes on and you won’t be drastically affected by abrupt changes in weather.

Added values – Some venues have the capability to double as both the wedding ceremony and reception venue, like our restaurant in Ealing. This saves you money especially if you choose a venue that can also handle the catering.  If this is the case, you are in an advantageous position to negotiate for a lower package price and/or helpful add-ons such as a free wedding cake or free valet parking.


Rules and limitations – Indoor venues mean you need to follow the rules and/or limitations on space and décor. This might mean that your visualised wedding plans need to be edited or altered as per what the space and the venue offers and has available at your disposal. You might also need to compromise on some details.

Higher demand – Indoor venues become more in demand especially during the colder or rainy months. You might find it hard to find a decent indoor venue at the last minute. If you’re already decided on an indoor venue, it’s recommended to book it early, about 6-9 months in advance, just to be safe and avoid the hassle of frantically searching for a reception venue as the wedding date draws near. Also, if you don’t book your reservation earlier, you might pay at a premium rate.



Minimal décor – Many breathtaking outdoor venues do not require a lot of flourish to make it look spectacular. The natural landscape does more to charm everyone and create a wedding reception ambiance that’s unique and memorable for everyone. If you go for an outdoor wedding reception, you can save money by opting for minimal décor as compared to an indoor setting. Also, outdoor venues are perfect with natural or natural-looking décor like flowers, plants, candles, or white linen.

Wide, open spaces – Outdoor venues can be more family friendly especially if there are young kids who love to run around and move a lot. The outdoors can accommodate fun activities like blowing bubbles, or releasing birds, butterflies, balloons, or paper lanterns. You and your guests can also appreciate the fresh air.


Need for a contingency plan –No one can control the weather on their wedding day. If you choose an outdoor venue for your wedding reception, you should also have a “Plan B” in case the weather doesn’t cooperate on D-day. Rain and snow can put a damper on the celebrations, while sweltering heat and intense humidity can make you and your guests extremely uncomfortable. You might need to provide for a massive tent and additional ventilation like fans and heaters. Or, you can look for a venue with an adjoining indoor space used in case of situations like this.

Also, you’ll need to consider that hot food can easily get cold outside especially during the colder months, while frozen desserts like ice cream melt easily during the summer. You can discuss menu options to suit the weather and season with our outdoor catering London.

Lighting concerns – Natural light may be great for some photos depending on the time of day. However, there are elements you cannot control like shadows and bright glaring light, which makes for crappy photos.