Tips for a successful Asian wedding catering

Asian cuisine is one of the most popular food styles making waves in the wedding industry. The sheer abundance of Asian wedding caterers in London alone can attest to that. Particularly in the UK, Indian wedding catering London is currently trending. The success of the most special day of your life—your wedding day, also depends on your wedding caterer. If you’ve decided to serve Asian cuisine on your wedding reception, you need to find the best Asian wedding caterers London.

Consider your budget. The first thing you need to consider is looking for the best local caterer that can meet your needs with the budget you have allotted for your wedding catering.

Indian wedding catering London is trending right now. You can take advantage of this trend for the fact that Indian food is rich in spices and affords many health benefits. Another reason to choose Indian wedding catering is because it’s one of the most palatable exotic cuisines out there that many people are not yet familiar with but are curious to try out. This is an opportunity to share something new, different, and pleasing with the people you love on your wedding day. It has the potential to turn into an amazing dining experience you and your guests will never forget.

Food should be arranged as part of a whole ensemble. Catering a wedding should not just be about the food. It’s also about the theme, ambiance and décor. Dining and weddings are both shared sensory experiences. Food becomes more attractive, inviting, and memorable if the ambiance and décor serves to elevate it and tie everything together into a cohesive theme. Choose a caterer that’s not only able to deliver the best-tasting food, but also knows how to present it. We eat with our eyes first, so the visual look and presentation is a vital part of the dining experience.

Choose a wide variety of food and drink. Depending on which Asian regional cuisine you choose for your wedding catering, you need to know that each type of regional cuisine comes with its own set of dietary rules and restrictions. For example, some may prohibit alcohol, or specific types of meat like pork. Some may be purely vegetarian. It’s important to think of your guests’ needs and take their own dietary restrictions into consideration as well. That’s why it is most advantageous to hire a wedding caterer that serves a wide array of foods providing options for everyone regardless of having dietary restrictions or not. Indian cuisine in particular, has many options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. You may even include a few American or European foods in addition to your predominantly Asian menu. Or, you can choose to customize menus that fuse both Eastern and Western influences.

If you’re looking for the best Asian wedding caterers London, call The Clay Oven to schedule a food tasting. You can have your Asian wedding catering service customised as to how you prefer it to ensure the best experiences and memories on your wedding day.